* The Games *

I just love the Olympics – really who doesn’t? It’s so great to see the world come together and compete. And it’s so interesting to me that I honestly don’t care much about these sports any other time, but when it’s the Olympics I love to watch Water Polo, Horse Racing, Track & Field, etc. My favorite events so far are gymnastics (although what happened with the American women?), swimming, and synchronized diving – honestly my favorite. Why is it so fascinating to watch 2 people do the exact same dive?

I’m curious what your favorite event is?


4 thoughts on “* The Games *

  1. Powerlifting. i love to watch little Turkish dudes who smoke like a chimney lift 4 times their own weight over their heads.

  2. I love the gymnastics the best, but I also like everything else. I pretty much watch from 7pm on. I wish they didn’t do the gymnastics live though because I think my boys would like it, but it’s WAY after bedtime and I’m kind of a stickler for that (hey, I need my time too!).

  3. Gymnastics, and I think the womens this year is the most attractive girls, I also love swimming and the whole Phelps thing. Diving, some track-n-field, I just enjoy all of it. I do wish they would air the good stuff earlier in the evening.

  4. Yes, they are so fun to watch. The opening ceremonies were incredible!
    My favorite events are really during the winter olympics, but I think swimming and running are fun to watch.

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