* Forget *

So, the other day in Costco a woman came up to me and said she had been watching me and my boys in the produce section. She wanted me to know that I have the cutest boys (like I didn’t already know that)! I appreciated her observation and made sure she knew that.

She went on to tell me that I would forget them at this age, even if I didn’t think I would (she was there with her older teenage son). She said when she was raising her babies, they didn’t have video cameras, so as soon as they got one she made her husband tap around on the kitchen floor because it mimicked the sound of her kids learning to walk on that floor.

I thought that was so cute & so true! Logan is 10 months old and today as he was chatting up a storm, I reflected back on the day he made a sound other than crying. I told myself, at the time, that I would never forget that – but I have! Sometimes, I just sit and rub his sweet, tiny feet in hopes that I won’t forget them! Sometimes it is a double-edged sword . . . . I have wanted Logan to be one since almost the day he was born, and now that his birthday is a month and a half away I want to rewind! I’ve got so many more wonderful years with these boys, so I can only try to enjoy the moment and keep those memories with me!


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