* In My Head *

A bit of random advice:

Just because the XM Radio is having 30 days of Coldplay, and you know the 30 days is more than half over, don’t listen to it nonstop while driving to and from St. George!

I enjoy the Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow (as Dave lovingly refers to him) and his band, but I have now heard Yellow (and Yellow LIVE), Trouble (and Trouble LIVE), Viva la Vida, Clocks (and Clocks LIVE) . . . . I think you get the idea . . . . at least 10 times each!

You know when you can’t get a song out of your head? Well, I can’t keep all the songs straight – it’s like a jumble of Coldplay words and tunes.

Why, you might be wondering, did I insist on listening (even though, Dave kept reminding me we had like 300 channels to choose from)? I was waiting for them to play my favorite song – which they never did!

My advice: A little goes a long way!


4 thoughts on “* In My Head *

  1. Hi Amber!
    I just got a new car and it has XM radio. Just wondering what channel I can find the 30 days of Coldplay on. I have been listening to channel 20- top 20 songs.

    Thanks! Tara 🙂

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