* Prayer *

Stay tuned for an update on life, but I just had to quickly share this.
I also don’t want to forget it, so I’m sharing it with one and all.

At lunch today Conner prayed, and I quote: “Please bless that the car will be able to drive fast.” I just thought it was cute and didn’t think twice about it.

After lunch we headed into SLC to a doctors appointment. At about 4pm we got on the freeway at 33rd South. We cruised along until shortly before 600 No, where we came to a screeching halt. After sitting there for nearly 30 minutes, I wondered what was up and switched from my current favorite XM “30 Days of Coldplay” channel, to the news channel where I learned a large truck had overturned in South Davis County and all but one lane was restricted. I figured it couldn’t take too long to get through it, until I looked at my trip computer which told me we had moved .7 miles (that’s right, not even a mile) in over an hour. Logan was screaming, Conner was hungry and I boy did I have to use the tinkle parlor!

Dave was also making his way home and we decided to ditch the freeway and meet at the Gateway for dinner. It turned out to be a great evening. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner, a leisurely walk through the shops and Conner got soaked at the fountain. All the while we were making calls to friends and family to see what the current status of I-15 was. Finally at 8:30 we decided to TAKE TWO! We arrived home at 10:00……..the freeway is a mess, but at least we had had a break from the car.

As we were driving home, Conner said (and I quote): Mommy, I don’t quite understand the traffic, because I don’t know what to pray for tonight about it.” I explained the accident to him and suggested he pray that the driver didn’t get injured and that the other drivers would arrive home safely.
As I thought back on the day, I remembered his earlier prayer – ironic!

Another quick side note. Shortly before leaving the Gateway we stopped to get and share a caramel apple (with M&M’s – the BEST). Dave and the boys sat outside the candy shop at a table while I went into buy the apple. As I stepped outside, I stopped to put something in my purse and as I looked up I man came tearing by me (I literally could have tripped him if I was aware). A few seconds later another man came running by yelling “STOP!, STOP!” I realized that the first guy was carrying something as he ran by, and the second guy was wearing a name tag. It was a weird feeling to witness a robbery like that. What I was most aware of was the feeling as that first man ran by. I realized that it felt very evil and yucky and I knew it was the adversary.
It is so amazing that amid stress and a not-so-fun afternoon, I was still aware of the presence of my Father in Heaven. I am grateful for that and know I don’t want to be without it.


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