* Regulations *

For those who don’t, and really you’d have to be way out of it not to know since it’s been a fact for close to 3 years now, I teach Relief Society! This week my lesson is on Obedience so it’s obviously been on my mind a lot. I thought I would use an analogy of our homes and parenting and how important it is to have rules so there is less chaos (at least that’s the idea, right?). I got the idea to ask Conner what the rules of our house are. I didn’t give him any ideas, he came up with all these on his own and I quickly scribbled them down so as not to forget:

• get dressed before playing
• can only watch 2 shows on TV
• no treats before veggies and dinner is gone
• brush my teeth
• no talking back
• pick up toys
• treat others how I want to be treated
• don’t bug Logan

That last one really surprises me. It’s SOOOO true, but I never thought I would get to the point that he would have someone to bug. And boy does he bug – he takes after his mother :-)! And please tell me that at some point all the reminding actually makes them remember!


One thought on “* Regulations *

  1. Is this blog not completely super cute? I cannot stand it it is so cute.

    Conner forgot one very important rule: make sure to give mommy kisses.

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