* Prologue *

You know, I never really read the Prologues or Introductions to books…..I’d rather just dive right in and then come back if interested. I am assuming I’m not the only one who has such little patience, so I am posting the prologue to our vacation now!

It was the day before departure and the “get done” list was long: go to Costco with Mom and sistas to buy ALL the food, start and finish the laundry, mow the lawn, last minute cleaning (my mom instilled in me a need to have my house spic & span before leaving on vacation so it feels good when you return and you don’t have to worry about it), and packing, packing, packing!

Late in the afternoon I was sitting on Conner’s bedroom floor with my back to his dresser packing his suitcase. I could hear him opening and closing drawers behind me, or at least I assumed that is what he was doing. Until I heard a huge crash and received a very large blow to the head. Conner’s 5-drawer (4 foot high) dresser had fallen over on him and landed on me. He had actually pulled out all the drawers at the same time. Conner was buried under 2 drawers, but he was basically in a void so he really didn’t get hurt – thank goodness! He was very scared, obviously but I was able to pull him right out.

Now me, on the other hand took the brunt of the fall. The top of the dresser landed on my head, leaving me with a very large and sore goose egg. The top drawer also slammed into my back, leaving a bruise. I really didn’t start feeling anything until later that night! It was an adventure, and now Dave finally understands why I want him to tether the dresser and other such pieces of furniture to the wall.

After cleaning up that disaster, I came downstairs to find Dave ironing. Yes, my hubby irons BUT keep reading! He picked up the spray bottle and proceeded to spray the shirt he had laid on the ironing board. I glanced at the water bottle as I walked by and it sent me into another panic. Dave was spraying the clothes withe OxiClean water and then ironing them. I had to re-wash all the newly ironed shirts!!

Guess who was ready for vacation?


3 thoughts on “* Prologue *

  1. For the record I held the bottle up to Ambs and confirmed that I could use it for ironing. I didn’t know it had soap in it. We were ready for vaca for sure.

  2. I got my hair done once and hated the way the girl did it. I went home and sprayed it with what I thought was water to do it myself. Then I noticed a minty smell. I realized it was ZAP cleaner! My clothes started to bleach right away. Fortunatly I was able to jump in the shower as fast as I could before my hair started to bleach too. I now clearly label everything!

    It’s good nobody was hurt worse by the dresser. We need to bolt our entertainment center and other taller objects to the wall as well.

  3. okay, i am glad its not just me who got that weird habit of cleaning before vacation. not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, because i do enjoy a clean home upon return, but it is a pain to do!

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