* Tooth Bugs *

Last Monday Conner had the “bugs” on his teeth fixed with white “play dough.” He got to wear a “clown nose” while the “bugs” were being squirted away.

Adult translation:
Conner had two soft spots (not full on cavities) on his teeth that the dentist had to seal. They told Conner that he had bugs on his teeth that they had to get off, and that after they used the water to squirt they were going to put the white play dough to keep the bugs away. He was given laughing gas (clowns nose) for a minute. He did AWESOME! Even the dentist commented on well he did. I got kind of worried when we got to the office, but I guess my worry was unnecessary. By the way, I love his dentist……they make it way less scary and fun!


One thought on “* Tooth Bugs *

  1. If only dental care would stay this easy until he is grown up. I am afeared that this kid will need orthidonture. We better start saving now.

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