* Chub *

You always hear: “enjoy your kids while they are young.” I honestly believe that is easier said than done. Sometimes it is hard to enjoy all the work, the craziness, the disobeying, the crying, the whining (I think you catch my drift)…..but when I look at those chubby cheeks, I want to remember them forever. Logan was certainly not an easy baby, and I was always wishing away time. I just wanted him to be older so it would be easier. Now I am realizing how quickly the time goes by. It only took me 8 1/2 months to learn to enjoy this time. I swear before I know it, he will be a busy 5 year old like his brother. Thank goodness for chubby cheeks and this little reminder :-)!

2 thoughts on “* Chub *

  1. Amber I completely understand what you are feeling. Lily’s first year of life I just wanted her to be older so she would be easier. She was just so hard. Now I always wish that I could go back and just do it over. If I could go back I would just sit on the couch holding Lily for hours and not caring about the day going by.

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