* Oh really *

. . . That was my response to Conner today because this is what he said:

“Guess what? I can’t marry Audrey anymore because Max is going to marry her. Good thing Callie is still my girlfriend, because I will have someone to marry.”

I asked him how he knew this about Audrey.

“Because she told me. Her and Max play and they have so much fun together.”

I promise that is word for word…..as I was trying not to crack up in front of him, I was paying very close attention to what he was saying because I knew I had to remember it. Also, we were both busy doing something when he decided to share this with me. So it’s not like we were talking about it, but I’m glad he opened up to me about it.

–grateful moment: By Friday, I find myself ever so grateful for restaurants. We usually go out on either Friday or Saturday (sometimes both) and I love having that to look forward to at the end of a week.


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