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This post answers the question: WHO NEEDS TV or VIDEO GAMES?
These are a few activities that Conner has come up and created on his own in the last few days. He really is the most creative little guy, and he is a fantastic brother!

This is what is known as “Bubby Kingdom.” I believe the name comes from our nickname for Logan (Bubby) and Conner’s love of Super Mario Brothers. The other day I put Logan on the floor with a few toys, the doorbell rang and I was on the porch chatting for a bit. When I came back, this is basically what I found (this is actually a recreated Bubby Kingdom that Conner made this morning). Conner told me that the whole area around the couch was Bubby Kingdom and was just for toys – literally every baby toy we own I swear! What’s so great about this little activity is that Conner is excited to clean up Bubby Kingdom!!

Today I detailed my car and Conner helped by vacuuming the way back for me. He climbed back there to vacuum, then I folded the seats down to get everywhere extra clean. This made Conner very excited….he asked if we could leave the seats down. He then proceeded to make himself comfortable with blankets and playing Leapster. He ended spending most of the day in the back of the car. He called it his “party.” He even at a picnic lunch in there, which made his whole day. He got really excited when I brought Logan out and they sat back there playing for awhile. At that point, Conner asked me to drive them to “Bubbyland.” I climbed in the drivers seat and “drove” them as Conner told me which way to turn and when to stop, etc. It was really fun!! And I am so glad Conner is able to come up with this stuff on his own, he makes it so fun to be his mom!


3 thoughts on “* Entertainment *

  1. Love to see my boys playing together. They both like each other so much. And there’s no end to Conner’s creativity.

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