* Yum *

I feel so domestic……I made strawberry jam. I remember the first time I did it, like 4 years ago. I felt so old, because I just remember my mom and grandma getting together to make things like jam – am I really old enough to be doing that? Not only am I old enough, but I think it is fun! Before you go off and think I’m all fancy, just know I am a pro at freezer jam. None of that cooked stuff happening here.
I also love the fact that Conner knows I made the jam and he likes to tell me how delicious it is. Really is there anything better than homemade jam? I know, homemade jam on homemade bread – maybe that will be my next domestic endeavor!

— grateful moment: A clean house. The weather turned, so today I focused on the inside. I love knowing that my kitchen floor is crumb and smudge free (at least for a few hours), that my windowsills are free of bugs and dust, my toilets scrubbed with pumas to remove that awful ring, my makeup container and brushes shiny and clean, and my stainless steel sparkly (I have the best stainless steel cleaner recipe if interested)!

3 thoughts on “* Yum *

  1. I am interested in that stainless steel recipe. I have been looking for something that will just work for me. Also nice on the jam. That is something that I have not tackled as of yet.

  2. I like freezer jam too. Do you use all regular sugar? I thought maybe you’d have some healthier alternative? And what do you use for sparkly steel? And Happy Birthday to your dad? How old is he? He looks great, always the same. Tell your parents Hi! Maybe they’ll read your post? If so, then Hi. You are great people!

  3. I just made strawberry freezer jam today! And I used those same ziploc round containers! It’s so easy to make freezer jam; I also steer clear of the cooked stuff. Maybe some day.

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