* Daddio *

Today, May 22nd, is my Dad’s birthday! I wanted to give a shout out to him . . . because I feel so blessed to have him as my dad.

He is an amazing man, who is very thoughtful and a very deep thinker. He understands things so well and then is able to share that knowledge in a very understandable way. I appreciate so much his insights.
He is also a lot of fun. And he tries to be funny; but he is very comfortable in front of people, and people love to be around him.

He loves to do outdoor things, although we didn’t do much growing up.
He is an awesome fix-it guy. He always has a solution, and I think I inherited that trait. If something is broken, I don’t even consider throwing it away until I have exhausted all efforts to fix it – thanks dad.

He is also the best grandpa. He is great at telling stories, pushing swings, swinging in the hammock, building mini-golf courses, and just having fun (I know someday Logan will really appreciate your presence :-))!

I am grateful he has created such a wonderful family!

Happy Birthday Dad!!


2 thoughts on “* Daddio *

  1. Amber, What an awesome tribute to your dad! And, what great pictures to illustrate some of his wonderful qualities. I especially liked the ones of him one on one with grandkids… We think he’s a pretty great guy, as well! Happy Birthday, Don!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your dad! What a nice bunch of pictures you have of your family! I was looking through your recipes and picked one out already to try and will be adding you to my favorites so i can come back and get more! thank you for taking the time to put all you recipes on the blog, it’s alot of work!

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