* Finished *

According to everyone but Dave, Conner graduated from Preschool yesterday. I agree that anything other than high school or college graduation is a bit silly, but still……at least this year Dave attended the program.

It was cute and hilarious as most events with 20+ 4 & 5 year olds usually are. This year Conner decided NOT to pick his nose which made his mom happy 🙂 and he said his part so WELL. In fact, and I’m not biased at all, I thought he was the most clear and loud of the bunch!

Can’t believe I’ve got a future Kindergartner on my hands…..oh, and that now I’ve got 3+ months of him being home all day! I know I’ll be sad when this summer is over, so i will try to relish it.

–grateful moment: Feeling like it is Summer. I got my tulips pulled out, my annuals in the ground, and my pots planted, our windows cleaned, the garden all laid out and went to Lagoon for the first time of the season!


One thought on “* Finished *

  1. Don’t make me sound so grumpy! I was glad to go to the program and watch our boy. He did totally awesome and I am excited for him to move on to kindegarten. I just object to calling these things graduations, that’s all.

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