* Luck? *

So, on our anniversary morning, Dave made us some good ol’ scrambled eggs. There is no proof of this (I was dressing the kids upstairs), but Dave apparently cracked opened 2 eggs both of which contained double yolks. How often do you even find a double-yolked egg? And what are the chances of it happening twice in a row? What do you think, could it be anniversary luck? It is a good sign for the many years to come?
Just thought I would share!
BTW it was a nice day. Aunt Meggie was nice enough to spend the day with the boys, and Dave was nice enough to take the day off so we spent it together in Park City! It was so great to have some time alone together (it’s been at least 7 months since we’ve spent the day together just the two of us). Here’s to 10+ more awesomely fun and wonderful years!!

–grateful moment: Conner asking to play Super Mario 3 with me (yes, he requested me). I love to play with him because he always tells me “not to worry,” or “that it is not worth it.” He makes it so fun and I love doing stuff with just him!


One thought on “* Luck? *

  1. I am telling the truth, it really happened! Twice in a row- what are the chances? It must mean extra good luck.

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