* Once Upon A Time *

10 years ago, today, Dave and I were sealed together in the Bountiful Temple. I was merely 20 years old, Dave 23 – what were we thinking? Oh, I know, we were in love :-)! I found a few pictures I had scanned in over the years, so while you enjoy reminiscing with me (try not to laugh too hard – it was 10 years ago), let me tell you how we came to be . . . .

After high school, I moved to Orem to attend UVSC, I enjoyed one year there and decided to go back for more. While Dave was on his mission to Romania, his family moved from Orem (where had had grown up) to St. George. When he returned home, he decided to move in with some family friends and also attend UVSC.

We both ended up working at the same health food store and that is how we met. I was actually dating someone else, but Dave was persistent and won my heart. Our first official date was November 21, 1997 – we went to a hockey game. That also happened to be Ali’s 9th birthday, so I asked Dave since we were already up north, if we could stop by my parents and wish her a happy birthday.

He made quite an impression on my family; so much so that the next day when I was talking to my mom on the phone I told her I knew I was going to marry him. She told me that as soon as he walked in the front door, she had the same impression. What an amazing guy!

We became “officially” engaged at the first of the year (basically 2 months after our first date). Then spent the next 5 months planning the big day, oh and getting to know one another!

We were married on a Thursday and the entire week had been awful, weather wise. I was in a pretty big panic, because I knew I wanted pictures taken outside. In fact, the day before it hailed so I worried about the tulips at the temple.

Thursday, May 14th was gorgeous! These pictures totally don’t do it justice. It wasn’t exactly warm, and it was breezy, but the sky and clouds were unbelievable. And one of the temple workers told us that because the weather had been so poor, they weren’t able to get out to pull up the tulips which they were planning to do. I was so glad, because they were beautiful and added so much to our pictures.

Our reception was held at the Colonial House in SLC! The flowers and food were beautiful – thanks to my mom for finding the right people and helping come up with the ideas. I don’t have the pictures scanned in of just how beautiful it looked, but below is a sample. That particular night also happened to be the Series Finale of “Seinfeld.” We had several people comment to us that they were taping it (can you believe this was before TiVO), or they were missing it to attend our reception!

We served strawberry shortcakes, and we had so many people comment on how amazing they looked (and tasted). That happened to be the year that there was a late freeze in California and there was a shortage of strawberries shortly before our big day. Somehow it all worked out! Every year since our wedding, my mom has recreated the strawberry shortcakes as a little celebration for us. Neither of us got to ever taste the actual ones served that night. They packed us up a box of them to take with us, but we ended up leaving them in the fridge untasted!

We decided that Dave should grow his Marine Corps style hair out for the wedding. I’m not sure I feel about it now. It doesn’t really look like him – he’s never had hair that long in the 10 years since. I’m a huge proponent of looking as much like normal on your wedding day. You want it to look natural, so I wish I would have left my hair down (can you believe I am still griping about it now?)!

Not a huge fan of the wedding cake. Talk about throwing money down the drain, so I just went with a simple single layer cake. The flowers are what really made it.

I also seem to remember that we never tasted the cake (except for the small bite we shared with each other). I think my mom divided it up for everyone and then supposedly put some in the freezer for us, but I don’t think we ever got it. For our first anniversary, she had a small replica made for us. It was so thoughtful and delicious!

10 years later, we honestly consider ourselves “lucky” (and extremely blessed) that we have made it. For crying out loud, we were so young, naive and we barely knew each other. It was the right thing to do at the right time, but it has taken some work over the years. I am so much more happy now then I ever thought I could be. Dave is the most giving and strong person I know. He really does make me want to be a better person and he treats me like a queen (sometimes too good for how I treat him). We joke that we have swapped many characteristics – he is slightly more intense now and I have learned how to relax! We have two of the best boys ever, one looks like him, the other like me; unfortunately they both have my personality :-)!

Happy Anniversary Davey – I know you’re reading this (you better comment)!
I love you, and look forward to the next 10+ plus years with you!


5 thoughts on “* Once Upon A Time *

  1. No internet dating site would ever put the two of us together-we are so different. In spite of that I know I am with the right person. I love you so much Amber, more now than ever. I wouldn’t trade our life or anything. We have two wonderful, healthy boys that are ours forever. We have a comfortable life. But most importantly we have each other to love and to grow old with. Here’s to 70 more years of struggle and happiness.

  2. I know I just emailed you also, but thought I’d make a comment too. I am so happy for you both. I’m glad I knew you then and now. You are both great people and together make a GREAT couple. Cute family, fun life, wonderful memories for you. Enjoy the next 10. And I don’t think the pics look that out dated. I’ve always loved your photo’s. And if you wanted all natural looking, does that mean you would of had your hair down and curly frizzy? ha ha
    – Love ya, Laurie

  3. Hi, Amber! Happy 10th Anniversary!!
    Can it possibly be that long since we were there at your wedding?! You were and still are a beautiful bride-inside and out. You have an awesome husband and such cute kids. I wish we had more time to visit on a regular basis, but now I’ll get a chance to have a little window on your world, through your blog. I saw your comment on Emily’s blog, so now I have you bookmarked. I had peeked at your blog when I was at Amy’s home in California. I have a blog, as well (jan-tan.blogspot.com), but I have a hard time finding the time to update it. (I need to take a lesson from Emily and make it short and sweet.) Life is busy even when your kids are grown and gone! We hope you had a wonderful day yesterday! Love, Jan

  4. Amber your pictures still look great after 10 years. I only hope I can say the same when I finally get there. I just think you are a great person and I always enjoy your company. I think that the say can be put that behind every great women is a great man. When both spouses are working on bettering themselves and their marriage it reflects in thier character. Have a great anniversary.

  5. 10 Years??? Wow! The pictures are great and you are a nice looking couple. We missed the wedding/reception but it is nice to see pictures after all this time!
    Today, Rulon and I are teaching a marriage enrichment class. Sounds like you are doing it all right!
    Aunt B.

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