* Congraduations *

Well, I’m only a week behind….what’s new in life? Last Friday, my sista graduated from the U of U (GO UTES)! She decided to follow in my footsteps and chose to pursue a degree in Communications (it also served her well because I have saved all of my school files, so if she needed a paper she knew where to come – isn’t that considered plagerism :-))!

It was your typical commencement and both my boys did really well! Logan was continually fascinated with all the clapping. Afterwards, he was all tuckered out :-)!

My parents now have 3 college graduates (all of them with a Communications Major, am I the best older sister paving the way for the others)!

I don’t know if there is a worse family picture, but at least we documented the occasion!

We survived yet another commencement and were all looking forward to lunch!

–grateful moment: I am so lucky to have such wonderful sisters. One sister spent the day with me working in my yard this week. The other spent the evening shopping with me while Dave and Conner are at the Father & Sons campout! Plus, they are always readily available and willing to babysit their favorite nephews :-)!


3 thoughts on “* Congraduations *

  1. come now, you know I have to give you a hard time….it’s not like I was the star student who Edna loved :-)!

  2. I haven’t seen your sisters in years – they are both ladies now (not the little girls I remember) and both so gorgeous. You have the best looking family!

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