* Where’s my Post? *

That is what Dave called and asked me today. This picture will help illustrate why my posts have slowed down.

Sometimes there is just an obvious mess. It is a good mess, but a mess nonetheless! And maybe the mess is so yucky or out of the ordinary that you need some comfort. You know the mess must be cleaned, but you have just gotten used to how it looks (and frankly it looks darn cute on this face)………how does this relate?
Well, the last few days I have spent cleaning those messes that haven’t been cleaned in awhile – AKA – spring cleaning. It feels great to go through things that haven’t been gone through in forever. It’s wonderful to give away and get rid of stuff that is not needed. And it so wonderful to know that I am done with the obvious messes and can sit back and relax for a bit.

Now this is how I feel:

Happy that the messes are smaller, and happy to deal with them!

— grateful moment: I’m so in love with the Swiffer cleaning products!! Man they make my life easy and Conner absolutely loves to dust with the expandable dusting rod, so bless them :-)!


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