* It’s my party *

It’s done & we SURVIVED!! Conner had his first friend birthday party and it was a lot of fun, but I’m glad it will only be every other year :-)! He had 8 of his friends over to an airplane themed party. The invitations were “tickets,” and here are some of the other events:

We had a glider flying contest. Each kid decorated their own foam glider and then we flew them. Everyone was a winner……we had medals for the longest flight, shortest flight, craziest flight, best crash, etc. They loved all getting medals!

Getting ready to play “Pin the pilot on the Plane.”

Conner all spun around and trying to be the winner.

Eating “cloud sundaes.” I did not want to make another birthday cake, so we had ice cream (clouds) with chocolate sauce (jet fuel) and every kind of topping you can imagine (sprinkles, oreos, gummy bears, teddy grahams, m&ms, marshmallows). I think they had more fun creating their sundaes then eating them.

Opening presents while playing “Pass the Black Box” (we passed around a black box and listened to airplane noises, when the noises stopped whoever had the box got to pick out a prize and then Conner opened their present).

Other activities included an airplane pinata (of course), playing flight simulator on the computer, and doing an airport sticker sheet. I didn’t want to put more pictures that included the other kids because this blog is public :-)!

I am glad the weekend is over even though the parties were fun! It will be nice to just enjoy this coming weekend…..

— grateful moment: Weeds. It’s true. Even though I despise weeds and pulling them out, I recognize that having weeds grow is a sign that other things can grow. I love watching my plants come out of their hibernation.

2 thoughts on “* It’s my party *

  1. Wow, you know how to throw a party. Sounds like there was a little of everything and plenty of prizes and activities. I’m clueless about stuff like that. I’ll be needing advise. I enjoy your daily updates too.

  2. it looks like you had so much fun. i have a hard time seeing myself want to throw aaron jr a birthday party until he is like 12, then it might not be so loud and chaotic. who knows though? i am sure i will give in a throw him one sooner. 🙂
    nice job.

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